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Angora, Minnesota, MN: Brew Pubs

There are 6 Brew Pubs in or near Angora, Minnesota MN.

Boathouse Brewery

Boathouse Brewery is a nice Brew Pub placed far from the city center. This Brew Pub is also Bar / Pub. They're a decent Brew Pub in Angora. Their current phone number is (218) 365-4301.
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Fitger's Brewery Complex

Fitger's Brewery Complex, placed 2.3 miles from the center of Duluth, is a Winery worth checking-out. Despite being Winery, Fitger's Brewery Complex is also a Brew Pub and Brew Bar. The place accepts payment with MasterCard and Visa. Fitger's Brewery Complex is a really good Brew Pub. Their phone number is (218) 279-2739.
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Fitger's Inn

Brew Bar Fitger's Inn is located approx. 2.3 miles from the center. This Brew Bar acts also as Brew Pub. Payment options are: American Express, Diners Club, Discover, MasterCard, Travelers Check and Visa. Customers have good opinions about Fitger's Inn. Their phone number is (800) 726-2982.
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Grumpy's Tavern

Placed far from the city center there is a nice Brew Pub Grumpy's Tavern. The place acts also as Nightclub, Bar / Pub and Pizzeria. Grumpy's Tavern serves Pizza cuisine. Join the group of happy customers of Grumpy's Tavern!. Their current phone number is (715) 398-6033.
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Sir Benedict's Tavern

Placed 2.3 miles from the center of Duluth there is a nice Brew Pub Sir Benedict's Tavern. This Brew Pub acts also as Tavern, Bar / Club, Bakery and Bar / Pub. Sir Benedict's Tavern is a carry out Brew Pub. We recommend their services. Phone number: (218) 728-1192.
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Thirsty Pagan Brewing

Thirsty Pagan Brewing is a nice Winery placed far from the city center. The place is also Brew Bar and Brew Pub. Thirsty Pagan Brewing serves Traditional American cuisine. If you need a good Brew Pub near Angora, contact Thirsty Pagan Brewing. Contact them at (715) 394-2500.
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